Come hungry; leave smarter.

Chronicles. Past Come Hungry, Leave Smarter Saturday Seminars

Our gratitude goes out to the presenters of our Come Hungry, Leave Smarter Saturday Seminars:

2017 Events

On 11/11/17

  • Linda Bell, Robert Tirsbier, and Lourdes Bouras presented Diagnostic Expertise: A Challenge for Learning Designers Working in the Healthcare Industry
  • Stacy Waite presented The Positive Return Successful Traveler™ Workshop

On 09/16/17

  • Jerry Yang and Millar Farewell presented Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality – Mixed Reality
  • Kristen Derr presented Demystifying Responsive Design

On 05/06/17

  • James Morrison, CPT presented Rounding to Influence.

On 02/11/17

  • Steve Siegel and Dr. Pauline Arneberg presented Leveraging Assumptions for Nudging Organizational Culture.

2016 Events

On 11/12/16

  • Dr. Sue Gabriele, presented Appreciative Leadership and the GEMS Round Table.

On 09/24/16

  • John Fox, presented Actionable Game Design: Making Your Training Fun and Effective.

On 05/14/16

  • David C. Forman, President of Sage Learning Systems, presented Ten Lessons Learned in the First 10 Years of Launching and Growing a Training and Development Organization.
  • Jeanne Farrington, Ed.D, from J. Farrington Consulting, presented It’s Not Always Training – Good Designers Get This.

On 02/20/16

2015 Events

On 11/07/15

On 9/12/15

On 7/18/15

  • Dr. Ray Jimenez, from Vignettes Learning, presented Story-Based Learning.
  • Brian Rooney, from R7 Media, Presented Dynamic PowerPoint Design: Easier Than you Think.

On 2/7/15

2014 Events

On 11/1/14

  • Kery Mortenson and Tim Gillum, Performance Consultants at Baxter Healthcare, presented Walking the Performance Ledge with Bar Napkin Technology.
  • Gina Rester-Zodrow presented What Happens When Stakeholders ‘Get’ HPT?

On 9/20/14

On 5/17/14

  • J. Robert “Bob” Carleton, Ph.D, from Vector Group, presented Changing Focus from Individual Performance to Group Performance.
  • Tanveer Makahni, from Dot Minds, presented Open Source Learning Management Systems.

On 2/1/14

  • Kathy O’Donnell, Ph.D presented Support Academy: A Case Study in Community-Generated, Video-Based Performance Support.
  • Gregory De Sarro presented What Works? Will It Work For Us?



Anthony Markovich begins the 9/12/15 seminar. Photography by Douglas Sietsema