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Saturday Seminar – September 24, 2016.

Actionable Game Design: Making Your Training Fun and Effective

“There is magic in games.”
– Tracy Fullerton
Author of Game Design Workshop

Integrating game design into your training can engage and motivate your students. Serious game design enables your students to find connections in content and in context with real world challenges. It supports discovery that makes for a profound learning experience.

Using an exercise driven approach, you’ll:

  • Learn how games work including game play, structure, and mechanics
  • See examples of game design in action through examples and stories
  • Apply a game design framework to a variety of training challenges
  • Apply a game design framework to one of your courses

In applying the skills and principles gained in this workshop, you’ll learn how to make your training fun, rewarding, and effective.

Things to Bring:

Bring a current project and a passion for your role as an instructional designer. This session will offer you the opportunity to work and have fun at the same time.

Regarding the project, bring a desired performance model if you’ve got it, a set of tasks or skills that you’d like students to apply on the job, and a critical incident/event/challenge facing your students on the job.

Presented by:

John Fox

John is an experienced practitioner in Performance Improvement, Process Improvement, and Simulation/Game Design.
Working as the Coast Guard’s Operations Performance Consultant, John developed performance models for multiple job roles such as Law Enforcement Boarding Officer, Intelligence Analyst, Military Operations and Port Security Contingency Planners. In that role, he led teams in developing training programs for the operations of the next generation motor lifeboats, patrol boats, buoy tenders, and ice breakers entering service within the Coast Guard. In addition, he established standards for web based training and computer simulation models for use in Coast Guard training.

Upon retirement, John worked within the Pacific Bell/SBC (now known as AT&T) learning organizations leading a team of instructional designers providing sales, customer service, and operations training for Business, Consumer, and Wireless call centers supporting a workforce of over 100,000 customer service representatives.

In December 2000, he started a Performance Improvement consulting firm providing organizational adoption, process improvement, and instructional design services. His performance solutions are evidence based and provide measurable business results. His clients include Cisco Systems, Gateway, ADP, HP, AMGEN, Genentech, F. Hoffman – La Roche AG, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Sanofi Pasteur.

In 2015, he received ISPI’s Award of Excellence for the design and development of the Investigator Education Program for F. Hoffman – La Roche AG.

His attitude is work hard, play hard, and bring your best to your clients!

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