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Saturday Seminar – May 14, 2016.

Lessons from Fearless HR for the Learning and Development Community and 

It’s Not Always Training – Good Designers Get This

Front Cover Fearless

Lessons from Fearless HR for the Learning and Development Community

Fearless HR is a best-selling, bold new book that examines the HR profession and provides a path forward for a function that has been often questioned and criticized.  The story of Fearless HR is about overcoming past perceptions, seizing opportunities and driving business results.  The book synthesizes over 100 research studies and provides 45 practical tools for streamlined implementation of HR’s future roles.

Forman contends that HR must first confront its past before  moving forward; because without addressing these historical perceptions head on, they will continue to be ingrained into corporate memory.  Furthermore, Forman believes that HR has suffered from unclear responsibilities and “fuzziness” of purpose.  He argues for a much stronger alignment to the business so that the business’s scorecard is HR’s scorecard.

Come hear the story of Fearless HR, then Forman — with 25 years of experience in the training industry — will make the connections to the learning and development community.  Five specific tools will be presented that enhance Learning and Development’s contributions to the organization.


Presented by:

David C. Forman

David is the author of Fearless HR, President of Sage Learning Systems and former CEO of The Human Capital Institute. The courses he has developed and taught for HCI & SHRM have been taken by thousands of HR professionals all over the world. Prior to these experiences, David spent 25 years in the training industry, working with large global organizations to improve the knowledge, skills and performance of their people.

Major clients include FedEx, IBM, DuPont, Microsoft, SAP, American Express, PwC, Ford, Prudential, Apple, Scripps Healthcare, Allstate Insurance and the University of Farmers. In 1984, David had the unique opportunity to work with Apple on the release of the Macintosh; and several years later to help IBM streamline and cross-train over 22,000 manufacturing employees.

David has written more than 40 articles on talent management, analytics, strategic human resources, learning systems, high-performance cultures and leadership. He has also spoken at many national and global talent and leadership conferences, both in his role of hosting HCI’s conferences for many years but also as a key note speaker.

It’s Not Always Training – Good Designers Get This

Let’s say someone is asking you for a training program, but you’re not sure that’s the right answer. Or, let’s say you’ve heard about performance improvement, but you’re not sure how to get started (or you want more ways to pursue it in your own practice).

Q: Client, “Can you create a training program on X?”

A: You, “Yes, sure.” (Because of course you can.)

Q: Client, “When can you make the slides?”

A: You, “Let’s find out more about the situation we’re addressing. May I ask a few questions first?” (This is sometimes the first step toward performance consulting.)

Q: You, “Tell me more about this thing called performance improvement (or human performance technology).”

A: Me, “Performance improvement is a robust approach to improving the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.

“Let me show you what it is and how we can use it:

  • A basic formula for a performance-focused approach
  • A model (maybe two) for making things better
  • A way to assess our own performance improvement process (Are we there yet?)”
  • Suggestions for after the session

It’s much better to take a little time to find the right solution.
Otherwise, we may use a familiar fix
And discover, many days and dollars later,
That our answer didn’t fit the challenge,
Which we hadn’t accurately identified in the first place.  

Presented by:

Jeanne Farrington, Ed.D

JEANNE FARRINGTON, Ed.D, is president of J. Farrington Consulting. She’s worked with many organizations, including some of the biggest in the world, spending over 25 years assisting with training and performance improvement strategies and projects. Her doctorate is from the University of Southern California, and she’s a past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement. You can find her on Twitter @ajeanne or at

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