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Saturday Seminar – September 20, 2014.

Game Driven Business Simulations

Have you been challenged with developing a learning solution that provides solid business results while also engaging your learners? In this session, John will share his team’s experience in developing a learning solution consisting of high fidelity business simulation using game design principles. The learning solution is producing marked job performance improvement on the part of internal investigators, millions of dollars in operational savings, and improving the reputation of the organization with international health authorities..

You will walk away with:

  • A framework for creating an evidence based performance requirements
  • Tools to assist in developing engaging learning activities
  • a model that allows you to create real world simulations to engage your learners

Presented by John Fox

John_FoxJohn is an experienced practitioner in Performance Improvement, Process Improvement, and Simulation/Game Design.Working as the Coast Guard’s Operations Performance Consultant, John developed performance models for multiple job roles such as Law Enforcement Boarding Officer, Intelligence Analyst, Military Operations and Port Security Contingency Planners. In that role, he led teams in developing training programs for the operations and maintenance of new small boats, patrol boats, buoy tenders, and ice breakers entering service within the Coast Guard. In addition, he established standards for web based training and computer simulation models for use in Coast Guard training.

Upon retirement, John worked within the Pacific Bell/SBC/AT&T learning organizations leading a team of instructional designers providing sales, customer service, and operations training for Business, Consumer, and Wireless call centers supporting a workforce of over 100,000 customer service representatives.In December 2000, he started a Performance Improvement consulting firm developing organizational adoption, process improvement, and instructional design services. His performance solutions are evidence based and provide measurable business results. His clients include Cisco Systems, Gateway, ADP, HP, AMGEN, Genentech, F. Hoffman – La Roche AG, and Deloitte Consulting LLP.


Aligning Learning with Change: ADKAR with ADDIE

Most organizations today recognize the importance of being agile to survive and grow in this economy where profound shifts in market conditions have become the “new normal.” Businesses have to continuously change and innovate in order to adapt and respond to the challenges from a constantly changing competitive landscape.

For those of us who manage and develop workplace performance, it is crucial that we provide the right support for organizational changes. Most of these changes require employees to learn new skills and knowledge. This requires “unlearning” outdated information and “relearning” new skills. For this effort to be successful, the Organizational Change Management (OCM) process and training strategy must be intertwined and aligned.

This interactive session will lead participants through topics that are critical for leveraging learning in support of change.

Participants will learn about:

  • Identifying barriers to “unlearning” in your organization
  • Best practices from successful change management initiatives at Fortune 500 companies
  • Discovering how to align the ADDIE process to the Organization Change Management process
  • Tips and tools to facilitate learning when there is change

Presented by Ellaine David

Ellaine_DavidEllaine David is a Performance Improvement Expert with over 20 years’ successful track record in leading enterprise-wide OD&T strategies.

She has presented at multiple professional organizations and conferences.

She’s an ISPI-LA Board Member; ACMP’s founding member; ASP, ISPI, and ASTD member; former ASTD-LA and ASTD-OC member.

On Linked In:
Twitter: @EllaineCDavid

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