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Saturday Seminar – September 12, 2015.

Exploring the Learning Experience Canvas™

A presentation for trainers, designers, teachers, developers, subject matter experts, and others who passionately desire to transform boring commodity content and courses into compelling learning experiences.
The Learning Experience Canvas helps designers integrate the perspectives of design thinking, customer experience, instructional theory, and human performance into a complete learning experienc..

Attend this presentation and learn to:

  • Use the Learning Experience Canvas for your instructional design projects.
  • Enhance the creativity of your learning experiences.
    Defend your learning experiences against nit-picking know-it-alls.
  • Increase outcomes associated with flow, transmergence, and loyalty

Peter Honebein, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter C. Honebein develops innovative employee and customer performance solutions for high visibility initiatives. He uses creative, evidence-based methods, systematic process, and thought leadership. An adjunct professor at Indiana University, Dr. Honebein teaches graduate courses in human performance and instructional strategy.

website: Customer Performance Group

Responsive Design

Let’s face it: we live in a multi-device world. We order products from Amazon, make reservations, and keep in touch… from our desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Heck, we can even do it from our TV!

And sometimes we use a combination of devices for one task. Maybe you start reading an article on your laptop at the office, and then finish it on your phone during the train ride home. Unconscious transitions from one device to another are the new status quo and, since we do it routinely in our personal lives, we have the same expectations at work.

This means that if you are in the business of professional development, you no longer have the luxury of designing content for only one device. The new ‘multi-device world order’ is here; you need to build and design content that will work everywhere, all the time.

This is where “responsive design” comes in. By implementing this approach into your learning portal, e-learning development, and overall learning strategy, you can create solutions that will always delight your learners, no matter what device they are coming from.

Bring your smart phone or tablet to this session and learn about:

  • What responsive design is and looks like.
  • How to integrate responsive design into your learning portal.
  • Tools you can use to create responsive e-learning.

Presented by Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer specializes in the strategy and design of learning, professional development, and learning management. As a director, policy advisor, professor, and consultant, Tanveer has helped numerous clients develop successful learning environments and processes. He has directed learning initiatives for small and large corporations, government entities, and academic institutions, and routinely advises on how to effectively serve today’s learner.


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