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Saturday Seminar – November 12, 2016.

Appreciative Leadership and the GEMS Round Table

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“We have found that just as we break the sound barrier when we travel faster than the speed of sound, we break the communication barrier when we hear 30 authentic viewpoints in 60 minutes.”

Appreciative Leadership: What is it? How do we use it? What is its ROI? What are the benefits to leaders? To employees? Join your fellow colleagues as we read and share insights on a thought-provoking article, “Appreciative Leadership.”

The GEMS RoundTable is an exciting approach that stimulates incredible conversation and insight around the topics and trends impacting our discipline.

We will read the selected piece aloud together for about 15 minutes. Then for the next 60 minutes, we offer everyone in attendance equal time to share their thoughts and experiences on or around the topic. Come explore with us!

Presented By:

Dr. Sue Gabriele

Executive Director Dr. Sue Gabriele has over 25 years experience in schools and workplaces. She received her Ph.D. in “Human Science: Social and Institutional Change” from Saybrook Research Institute. Her dissertation study became her most exciting program, the GEMS RoundTable. With the RoundTable, GEMS aims to help schools and workplaces as they seek more effective ways to enrich, renew and transform their organizations while improving participant learning, performance and satisfaction. Clients of the GEMS RoundTable include the International Society for the System Sciences (ISSS), The International Council of System Engineers (INCOSE); Pennekamp School, the Association for Talent Development (ATDLA) and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI-LA).

Sue is available for workshops, coaching and training. We can provide one of our existing programs, customizing it with you for your purposes. We can also do a needs assessment of your organization with you, and design a program drawing from our combined expertise and all of our programs.

The GEMS RoundTable format is provided by Sue Gabriele, President and Owner, Gabriele Educational Materials and Systems.

Help drive ISPI-LA and your Career into the future! A Networking Special Event

What makes ISPI-LA so special? We don’t just bring you the experts, we bring years of experiences and war stories, connections and contacts, job leads and cross-promotion of additional learning opportunities, all in one room. Our board of seasoned instructional design and performance improvement professionals would like to connect with you! Wouldn’t it be nice to find mentorship and advice for the challenges you are presently grappling with as your navigate your career?

We’ll be holding a special networking event for our second session with two casual, small group huddles. The first topic of discussion will be trends and issues in performance improvement. The second topic will be your opportunity to reflect on what you love about the ISPI-LA, and most importantly, what can we do better to serve you in your career? How can we be that much more awesome?

Both huddle sessions will provide opportunity to share takes aways to the broader group. Sound fun? We think so.

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