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Saturday Seminar – May 6, 2017.

“Rounding to Influence”

A Core Change Management Tool for Leaders

Rounding to Influence is one tool in an evidence-based bundle of leadership methods used in highly reliable organizations. In this context, “high reliability” is doing the right thing, consistently, over time, no matter who the players are, even in very hazardous environments. High reliability is the goal of many organizations in high consequence endeavors such as military aviation, nuclear and conventional power generation, health care, and wild lands fire response.

Rounding to Influence is a focused, scripted, structured approach that gets leaders out into the field to engage front-line workers in a five- to ten-minute talk on a specific topic that is key to improving the organization or changing the culture. The tool can be used for any improvement practice that you want to make reliable. In the process, leaders will learn about structural, procedure, policy, and technological barriers to implementation of the change.

Your Presenter:

James Morrison, CPT

Specializing in human and organizational performance improvement in complex systems. Led numerous event analysis teams responsible for identifying error precursors, flawed defenses, and latent system weaknesses that contribute to unwanted outcomes. Skilled at implementing effective, durable, award-winning performance improvement initiatives. Latest projects involved all-hands behaviors for error prevention, implementing just culture, in-depth event analysis, and leader behaviors to support a culture of reliability.

Clients include American Electrical Power, Duke Energy Nuclear Fleet, Luminant Power, Defense Security Cooperation Agency, US Coast Guard, UCLA Graduate School of Education / CRESST, American Systems, and URS Corporation.

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